1838 E 34th St

This was my FIRST ever flip. I had just backed out of a wholesale deal due to my inability to find financing. I was scouring the MLS and found a home that had been sitting on the market for a few months and had ZERO offers. I took a look, found a price that made sense for me, and I decided to get an estimate and make an offer (numbers below). I completed this deal in 4 months almost exactly and I walked away with a very nice profit! It wasn't cheap but if you're prepared, it can work out and having a good hard money lender goes a long way. Make sure you check out the video of the finished product!


List Price: $275,000

Purchase Price: $200,000

Rehab Amount: $58,000

Post-Rehab List Price: $325,000

Sold Price: $340,000

Ongoing Projects

Currently I'm in the process of 1 rehab and 3 purchases. My rehab is a 5 unit apartment building on the outskirts of Indiana. 2 of my purchases are Fix and Flips in Pittsburgh, PA. And lastly, I'm in the process of purchasing a new construction home in Florida. I'm always looking at and analyzing deals! If you'd like to pick my brain and come up with a gameplan for you and your investing or becoming a successful real estate agent, book a consultation with me! 

*I will be updating this page as projects progress*

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