• Gervon Simon

What To Consider When Choosing A Realtor To Sell Your Home

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

In this post, I want to give you exactly what you need from your Realtor in order to maximize the exposure that your home receives while also minimizing the amount of time that your home sits on the market. Below are some of the services that I offer at no extra cost to help market your home.

1. Professional Video or a Virtual Tour. If your agent only focuses on photography, then you are selling yourself short. As a younger real estate agent who focuses on and studies how people in today's society interact with and consume information, I understand the importance of professional videos as well as professional photography. As your agent selling your home, I'd make sure you have the best photography, virtual tour, and video to give buyers who are searching the market the best feel for what your home has to offer!

2. Professional Photography. Every listing has photos and it is a MUST in today's real estate market. However, not all listing photos are created equal. The way that photography and video makes the consumer feel prior to seeing a home in person will have a great impact on the likelihood of someone making the decision to purchase the house. I have seen fantastic photos that correctly use lighting and I have seen photos that are not so good that looks like someone put the flash on their iPhone and uploaded them right to the MLS.

3. Facebook and Instagram Ads. EVERY listing goes on to the MLS. EVERY house listed on the MLS goes to Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, Trulia, and any other app. Does your agent list it on Facebook? Does your agent post that professional video (that they probably have not used for you) to their LinkedIn and Instagram where people spend 75%+ of their time on the internet using? Furthermore, do they use Facebook Ads that also go on Instagram to market your property with the videos? If not then you are not getting the best, top notch service that a real estate agent can offer you. This is something that I am committed to doing for EVERY listing opportunity that I receive! In addition to Facebook and Instagram, all of my listings will be featured on my LinkedIn and YouTube page which will create more opportunities for other buyers and agents to see your home!

4. Open Houses. As your agent, I will ensure that an open house is conducted every weekend. Open houses maximize the exposure of your home by letting people come and see it. During your open houses, I will provide free coffee, doughnuts, and snacks. The more enjoyable your open house, the more likely a potential buyer will make an offer!

5. Coming Soon Posts. When does your listing go out to the general public? Most real estate agents do not publish their listings until it actually hits the MLS. With me, the same day that I receive your finished photos and videos is the same day that I will publish your home to the internet! This, in conjunction with Facebook ads, will allow for anyone who may be interested to reach out and see your home before it even hits the market. I have seen homes go under contract this way without the home going onto the market at all!

No matter what, I always put your needs' and best interests first. I will make sure that the maximum number of people will see your home in the shortest amount of time possible. If you'd like to learn more about selling your home, or if you have any real estate related questions at all, you can contact me Here!


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