• Gervon Simon

Tacoma Market Study: Home Owners Cash In On Equity

In this study, I specifically analyzed South Tacoma homes with 1,000 livable square feet or more that had been sold in specific years. I began in 2015 and finished with 2019 (only 25 homes have been sold as of January 27th, 2019 within this study's criteria). Below is the information that I have gathered from my analysis, which is then followed by a summary. If you are interested in a free estimate of your home's worth, Click Here to schedule an appointment!

· From 2015 to today, the average home price has risen by 71% in South Tacoma

· Since 2016, the average home price in the same category has risen by 46%

· Since 2017 the market has increased by an average of 23%

· As of January 27th, 2019 (with only 25 homes sold in the study’s criteria) the average home price was $274,557 while the average sale price in 2018 was $262,888.

Again, I want to be clear that these are averages with specific criteria that I defined above. With that said, if you are a home owner that purchased your home in or near South Tacoma prior to 2018 then you have likely accrued a significant amount of equity. I have a professional marketing plan for sellers to make their homes more desirable, maximize their number of offers, and sell their homes fast!

P.S. I also took a deeper dive in a study on the 2018 Tacoma Housing Market!


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